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Bay Area Millennial

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Miguel is a San Francisco based millennial who was"in desperate need of a closet take over" before starting a new job. Miguel has great style but his closet had overgrown making getting dressed an overwhelming experience. Full of what Shauntee` likes to refer to as "moody pieces" or items you only purchase because you're feeling some kind of way, Miguel's closet was jam packed with a plethora of styles, colors and moods. The growth even invaded his living room, blocking the sun from his only window. Our goal was to consolidate Miguel's wardrobe to a few iconic pieces, and a good rotation of basics to create an amazing wardrobe. In 4-hours, while Miguel sipped wine and danced to Janet Jackson, Shauntee` unearthed a fresh new wardrobe hiding under years of fast fashion, with piles of clothes to spare. After, dividing the excess into donations, resale and goal-fitting clothes he had a condensed closet of focused, fun, interchangeable pieces to match his personality. Take a peep at a few looks Miguel had hiding in his closet.

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