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The Swaggy Chef


adjective sin·​cere | \ sin-ˈsir , sən-\sincerer; sincerest honest; not false or invented

The guy: Sincere Justice

The Occasion: His cousin's Wedding

His Vibe: Effortlessly Cool


For Sincere Justice Allah food has always been a cornerstone. "Cooking is a natural thing you should know how to do for survival, it's not male or female." Born in the San Gabriel Valley, one of the most ethnically diverse regions in the country, (with the majority of residents being Latino and Asian American), Sincere's house was his families foodie mecca, aunties uncles and cousins alike, served themselves in order from oldest to youngest at their big communal table. Two languages were spoken in Sinceres house growing up, Cantonese and food.

After attending school in Santa Cruz, Ca, Sincere originally thought he'd be a high school teacher or even a community organizer. But what's in the blood is in the bones. With his biggest inspiration, his mama, at the heart of his endeavor, $600 and a dream Sincere set his sites on cooking dishes reminiscent of his childhood. Sincere's mother Chinese by way of Vietnam, never went to culinary school but as the oldest of her siblings, she began cooking for her family at age 12. "In America kids are seen as a liability, but where I'm from they are an asset."

Fusing his rich family heritage, the influence of the Latino community and a curious nature to meld different spices and flavors Tacos Sincero ,The Chino Latino Street Taco Experience was born in LA, but raised in The Bay. His first pop-up experience wasn't all rainbows and sunshine. "It wasn't perfect" he said "BUT it paid for the grill" Playing his Mike Jones mantra on repeat "Back then they didn't want me, now I'm hot they all on me" Sincere dedicated himself to uninterrupted repetition.

Seriously THE BEST Brisket sandwich of my life

Fast forward to December 2017 when I had THE BEST street taco of my life and then 3 mos later the best brisket sandwich of my life. Sincere and I crossed paths so many times after meeting for the first time that we decided we should at least get together for coffee.

Enter the reason for this post. During coffee talk Sincere mentioned his cousins spring wedding in Texas. I jumped at the opportunity to style this genuinely cool, eclectic guy. Marching to the beat of his own drum and lookin' hella fly while doing it, check out Sincere's look below.

He cleans up well, right ladies?

Be sure to follow Sincere on the gram to find out where he's poppin' up next or if you want to eat like a king on the regular slide into his DM's to take advantage of his Personal Chef services!

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